Team Agility Workshops

Team Agility Workshops

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You may have already done team-building offsites with MBTI, DiSC, and other assessments that put people into the box of "type". That may have worked for yesterday's teams, but today's teams want to evolve to the next level up and think of themselves more fluidly, shifting behaviors as the context requires. Tilt's workshops and team agility labs help people learn to Tilt to context with ease and grace in a way that spins up innovation and generativity.


Team Agility Workshops

These creative experiences leverage strength assessments to help everyone understand the value one's preferences play in the big picture of collaborative problem solving and innovation. Engage in a series of workshops and agility labs to shape a culture where top talent thrives, and people love to work. Learn how to grow your strengths from the inside-out, how to expand your positive influence with people different than you, and how to Tilt to context to shift the culture of your team.

Yesterday's leaders needed reminding to ask others for feedback on how they showed up. Today's leader has an entirely different challenge in a world where social comparison is the norm. Constant real-world feedback creates a vastly unpredictable and anxiety-producing experience of ourselves that distracts us from our inner core. The solution? This compelling workshop focuses learners inward to grow self-knowledge and understanding that anchors identity in their most natural set of character strengths. 

Yesterday's feedback tools were once-and-done 360s that happened once a decade and measured competencies that incorporated knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences that took years to develop and became wired into the brain so strongly that change becomes painful. Today's feedback tools must measure one's agility to navigate constant change instead. This workshop will change everything you know about feedback as you learn the 12 character strengths that predict positive influence on others.

How does a leader know they have everything in place for success? This workshop teaches teams an academically sound framework that combines design thinking with the four primary working styles to help everyone solve real challenges while learning to be more powerful in the group dynamic. Teams learn a common language and behavior set to accomplish four working patterns required for creative problem solving and innovation. Solve real-time problems or build actual solutions while your Laser Coach helps shape healthy team culture that sticks.

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Team Virtual Workshops

Team  virtual workshops that help you understand your natural patterns and increase team creativity and innovation. Workshops include Tilt Presence, Tilt Influence, and Team agility. Experiencing all 3 workshops with your team can help you unlock the full power of a generative team climate.

  • Grow Strengths
  • Expand Influence
  •  Create a Generative Team Climate

Organizations using Tilt personal strengths assessments