Tilt 365: Build a culture where everyone loves to work

Tilt 365: Build a culture where everyone loves to work

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Build a culture where everyone loves to work  

Join thousands of organizations using strengths-based personality assessments to build work cultures they love. Let us help you mitigate organizational dysfunction and shape a hybrid environment where everyone can shine and thrive. 


Organizations using Tilt personal strengths assessments

How do leaders build a culture that attracts top-notch talent and at the same time repels the wrong people too? The answer is more simple than you might think. By building a culture where drama and dysfunctional behaviors are not tolerated and instead people are educated about how to build and maintain healthy interaction. With Tilt’s science-based framework of twelve character strengths, everyone knows that their unique strengths are valued. When people feel respected and heard, something about the way they interact changes. This change increases the number of agile teams and creates a shift in company culture.

Being agile allows teams to adapt to current trends, business needs, and complex dynamics while accelerating productivity, creativity, and innovation. Leaders who are stuck in dysfunctional personality patterns lack agility and unwittingly create negative organizational culture and may even display  toxic leadership. Agile team climates also improve resilience, employee morale, and productivity.

  • 01. Build and sustain a culture people love

    Culture starts with leadership but depends on the investment of everyone in the organization. But what if everyone isn’t really “all in”? Mixed motives, ego fears, and internal conflict can lead to corporate dysfunction. The good news is that you can build a great company culture by cultivating a growth mindset in your top influencer teams.

    Those teams then become influencers for other teams. As the number of agile teams reaches critical mass, the work culture begins to shift and what once was a dysfunctional workplace becomes a great place to work.

  • 02. Develop your people

    Our assessments are designed specifically for accelerated leadership development programs and team building workshops. Our world-wide network of over 600+ Tilt certified coaches and consultants has the expertise to help your organization get from where they are to where they want to be.

  • 03. Make development fun

    Personalized Tilt Culture Boxes help create a fun work culture where people love to work. Comes with a variety of items such as a Tilt t-shirt, smartphone sticker, workbook, and other helpful worksheets for self-discovery.

  • 04. Custom Messaging

    The modern workforce is changing, and so is the way work culture is being built. Work with our team to customize your messaging and share your values with your organization in a new, engaging way. 

It was well received by the team and is the beginning of good things to come for development and success as a company... In my opinion, investing in Tilt for our team is one of the best decisions the company has made"

-Savannah More, Operations, Zesty.ai

Making work fun


What people are saying about our strengths assessment

Hear how executives, coaches, and team leaders use the Tilt strengths assessment tools to grow a generative work culture.

Sarah Larson
Sarah Larson-Head of Global Talent Management & Development at Atlassian

I love that Tilt helps us become conscious of what’s going on around us (the stress) and what it triggers inside of us (the fears) – as well as those things for our teammates. When companies, and teams, learn how they tilt, and overtilt under stress, incredible things happen - we become more bold and fearless and foster the conditions for innovation and creativity to prosper. We're hooked here at Atlassian!

Stuart Crabb
Stuart Crabb-Former Global Head of Learning at Facebook

Facebook was seeking a tool that would help reinforce this thinking, enabling leaders to have a positive and balanced perspective on their impact... TILT was the only tool of its kind in the marketplace that truly addressed these criteria, and it became the preferred tool for all our coaching engagements across the organization.

Ann-Marie Archer
Ann-Marie Archer-Founder & CEO, Archer & Associates

Tilt 365 is a valuable tool when our team of coaches is working with our executive and emerging leader clients. Tilt enables us to help these high achievers gain better insight and deeper understanding of themselves, others, and everyone's unique place/contribution to the team. Other beneficial outcomes include elevating communication quality to reduce interpersonal conflict, creating more effective team cohesion on commitments, and giving greater "voice" to those who may be marginalized due to their quieter/more thoughtful approach.

Frank Calderoni
Frank Calderoni-Chief Executive Officer at Anaplan

I have found that Tilt really gets to the heart of what makes people tick and can be a very helpful tool for shaping team culture. And at Anaplan, we have definitely taken it to a whole new level... What I appreciate about Tilt is that every person has all four personality types, we just tend to lean toward one or two more than the rest.

Patrick Curran
Patrick Curran-Executive Coach, CREO

I've just completed 3 days of intensive Tilt 365 training. I'm a lover of StrengthsFinder and have completed many other individual and team assessments. Tilt is POWERFUL - going deeper and further for personal growth and team agility than any tool I've seen...

Adria Trowhill
Adria Trowhill-Adria Trowhill MCC, Dean Emerita in perpetuity, Adler Faculty of Professional Coaching

TILT solutions are without par in my experience. Pam and her team are changing the way coaches and organizations approach leadership. TILT 365 is sure to have an unprecedented impact on leaders everywhere!

Glodean Champion
Glodean Champion-Personal Growth & Leadership Development Coach

Unlike other personality assessments I've taken in the past, TILT strengthens my self awareness in how I'm naturally designed but also how I'm showing up in any given situation. This is extremely helpful to my work as a coach because I now recognize when I'm trying to climb in the driver's seat to "solve" my clients problems which then forces myself to get comfortable in the passenger seat so I can be the BEST navigator instead.

DeLisa Alexander
DeLisa Alexander-Former executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Red Hat

It’s essential to have mechanisms like Tilt that enable associates to provide actionable feedback and foster self-awareness of how each of us “shows up” to our colleagues. Tilt has also been a valuable addition to our toolkit for diversity and inclusion...

Neerja Bhatia
Neerja Bhatia-Cultural Transformation Consultant

True Tilt is my go to tool for executive development because of the insightful connections and depth it provides on the inner workings of behaviors and character strengths. What I love most about the tool is that it steers away from labeling human intelligence while mapping out choices for leading with positive influence and agility.

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