Developing character strengths has serious benefits.

Research shows that character strengths strongly correlate with positive work outcomes and increases: · Task and creative performance · Job dedication · ROI · Engagement · Job satisfaction · Well-being and less stress Character science research using the Tilt Framework has shown that when leaders have balanced character strengths they transform team climates conducive to productivity, creativity, innovation, and change. This team climate is a necessary precursor for team agility. Tilt’s suite of assessments and expertise can deliver significant results for those seeking to increase individual, team and organizational performance.

The Tilt framework

The Tilt Framework consists of 12 character strengths that are interrelated, forming four meta-strengths of Resilience, Courage, Wisdom, and Humanity. Character strengths and meta-strengths on opposite sides act as counterbalances to each other, emphasizing the importance of balance. While it's commonly believed that having more character strengths is better, both overuse and underuse can have negative consequences. Achieving balance across all 12 character strengths is crucial for fostering agility, team cohesion, and optimal team performance. The framework is based on neuroscience and character science, and was developed using design thinking to be highly-memorable for easy-application.

Serious character science, playfully deployed

Research published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals has demonstrated that character strengths have robust relationships with important outcomes valued by team leaders. Character influences well-being, work performance, and other outcomes of interest for individuals, teams, and organizations. For those looking for ways to enhance the teams they lead, our assessments and expertise are great strategies!

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Character strenghts
Character strenghts
Character strenghts

Tilt’s assessments have been rigorously tested

All of Tilt’s assessments undergo rigorous psychometric evaluation and show reliability and validity. The assessments are continuously being revised, improved, and re-evaluated.