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Go beyond a personality type
November 04, 2022 |
Generativity is the ultimate outcome produced by leaders when they reach their most evolved psycho-social development stage, and it is what some scholars refer to as “servant leadership”.
November 01, 2022 |
Generativity is an outcome of flow that we all have the potential to experience, but it’s important to invest time and practice working with one another in service to the mission. Doing so repeatedly improves the chances that generativity will result from team effort.
October 27, 2022 |
After significantly shortening the Team Agility Predictor earlier this year, we conducted a thorough analysis of it to assess the degree of evidence for validity and reliability. This blog describes those findings and efforts in accessible language.
October 25, 2022 |
No team is perfect, but every team has the potential to overcome shortcomings and produce high-quality work.  Whom, then, should they look to if they need help optimizing the team mindset and identity?  This is where team leaders who can skillfully embody the coach role become relevant. 
October 18, 2022 |
It’s readily apparent that it’s more difficult to work with a team of strangers than it is to work in a team that has pre-existed for months or years.  Why is this?  One line of thought is that a pre-existing team is comprised of members who have gradually grown to understand each other’s working patterns, triggers, emotional tendencies, and overall personalities
October 15, 2022 |
Life brings you feedback every single day whether you realize it or not. Think back to the last time you were given some feedback that made you think “ouch”! Or worse, maybe you received feedback that even cost you your job or resulted in the loss of an important personal relationship. Life lessons such as these are tough to handle in the moment, but if you think back, they often engender positive change in your life. A good friend of mine recently said “things don’t happen to you, they happ...
October 13, 2022 |
Low morale is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about topics in post-pandemic coaching sessions. At alarming rates, employees and leaders alike are reporting feelings described as “burned out, stuck, lost, unmotivated and misunderstood due to generation gaps”. The result? A deceleration and pause in business as usual in a year where it seems everyone is in recovery mode. There is an increased desire for healing, and few know where to find it. 
October 11, 2022 |
The Tilt Framework is designed to serve as a guide to self-awareness that enables more intentional self-leadership and mastery. At the core are 12 Character Strengths. Learning and mastering all twelve of these strengths is necessary for achieving whole-person balance.
August 25, 2022 |
People who have more balanced identities are often more thoughtful about which traits to exhibit in a wide variety of situations. We call this a “balanced whole self-concept” and what it means is that you are sometimes one trait and sometimes the opposite trait, depending on what is appropriate contextually.
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