Weekly Challenge - How Receptive Are You? - Weekly Challenge
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Weekly Challenge - How Receptive Are You?

September 13, 2021 |
Weekly Challenge - How Receptive Are You?

Being receptive is being willing to consider new ideas and suggestions. It is the opposite of being narrow-minded, resistant, and shutting down new ideas. The key to being receptive is being curious, willing to explore… and not becoming defensive because you see a suggestion as a challenge to you or your work. It is helpful if you hold the others giving you suggestions in positive regard, as well. One helpful question to ask when trying to improve being receptive is, “what am I missing?” If you ask that with a genuinely curious heart, you may be astounded at the results!

This week’s Challenge: This week, if I feel myself resisting a new idea or suggestion, I will suspend judgment, listen, and do my best to be receptive.

Avoiding being Chaotic (overuse): Being open to new ideas and suggestions helps us evolve, but being too open to suggestions can lead to chaos. That is particularly true if you aren’t just open to hearing new ideas, but also to implementing them. If each plan is abandoned for the next new idea, nothing ever gets completed, and bystanders are left in the wake wondering, “what just happened?” Often, I hear this referred to as “change for change’s sake” — that is, chasing that next new idea instead of keeping your eye on the long-term goal. To avoid this, keep in mind the end goal and discern the best choice to achieve that goal.

Commendable Trait: Receptive

Underused: Unreceptive

Overused: Chaotic

Strength: Openness

Quadrant: Resilience

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