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Tilt Tuesday #12 - Business Culture Through a Tilt 365 Lens

January 03, 2023 |
Tilt Tuesday #12 - Business Culture Through a Tilt 365 Lens

Insights from the Tilt 365 Science Team

The present article will provide an overview of four primary behavioral patterns (the “True Tilts”) and will explain how using them in a balanced and appropriate manner is similar to choosing productive organizational culture patterns.  There will also be a table that provides an example situation in which each True Tilt might be most appropriate and a brief discussion of how the True Tilt Personality Profile (TTP) can be used for shaping company culture. 

Clarity, Connection, Impact, and Structure are the four True Tilts that appear in the Tilt Framework.  As a result of completing the TTP, Users learn which of the four patterns is most like them, and begin to understand that different situations demand unique True Tilts.  The table below will list the four True Tilts and an example of when each would be the most appropriate behavioral pattern.



Company cultures are analogous in that:

  1. The type of culture that works for a brand-new company might not be appropriate for a massive organization that has existed for years, and

  2. The optimal organizational culture for, say, a kids’ toys company is likely going to be different from the culture of a company that produces fine pottery.

Generative individuals are those who can deftly switch between the four True Tilts depending on the particular needs of a given situation, and companies, likewise, ought to be able to shift their culture as needed during growth or hardship.

An easy way to guide a company’s culture toward a desired end is to be strategic about the type of people hired.  The most important consideration is to hire for balance in character and the True Tilts, but after that has been assessed, it is beneficial to weigh someone’s actual True Tilt.  

For example, companies wanting to stimulate strategic change would benefit from hiring people with Impact True Tilts while companies seeking to advance science and research probably should favor applicants with Clarity True Tilts.  

Thus, the TTP is one tool that can be implemented by companies intending to mold and guide their company’s culture in a given direction.  

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Relevant Quotes

“Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.”
– Brian Kristofek

“I think as a company, if you can get those two things right — having a clear direction on what you are trying to do and bringing in great people who can execute on the stuff — then you can do pretty well.”
– Mark Zuckerberg

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”
– Simon Sinek






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