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Happy Holidays from Tilt 365

December 22, 2022 |
Happy Holidays from Tilt 365

Happy Holidays

On behalf of the entire Tilt team, we want to wish everyone a happy Holiday season. 

In light of the season and upcoming year, we also want to share one of our key values - be kind.

The simplest expression of Humanity. It can take a lifetime to learn to be truly kind. When we are being kind we are generally experienced as trustworthy, empathetic and likable. What most don’t know is that it requires a delicate balance or it can quickly turn into something else and go awry. What it doesn’t mean is giving too much and creating dependence in those who could be better served by taking responsibility themselves. Giving too much may actually be self-serving and in service of a need to be seen as a good person by others only to convince ourselves. When our ego is driven by fears of abandonment or rejection, we may unwittingly feel envy and seek approval from others to prop up our own identity, so it isn’t true kindness that results. True kindness does not have the quality of striving. It is carefully balanced by having the courage to know when not to give because it might interfere with another person’s learning to take care of themselves. It’s knowing that creating dependence may make us feel needed but rob others of their inclination to take initiative regarding their own existential questions. In this case, the question is one of independence and autonomy. True kindness encourages others to reach for their own autonomy and independence with a helping hand, but not an endless “hand-out” that robs them of their dignity. True kindness is given with nothing asked in return, nothing expected as a result, and seeks no public recognition. And it is given in small moments, unfancy words and quiet gifts that come at just the right time. Learning to be kind, also means being kind to oneself and balancing it with kindness to others.

With that said, we look forward to continuing to serve you in 2023 and cannot wait to see what lies ahead!


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