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August 11, 2020 |
Personality is not only malleable; desirable behavior change can happen in a little as a few weeks. As the mind evolves to greater complexity, we are quite capable of moving beyond many inherited traits.
January 21, 2022 |
Generativity versus Stagnation, according to Erikson, comes when people are approximately in the 40-65 year age range and after his six other theoretical life stages. The stage of generativity vs stagnation targets society in general as opposed to targets that tend to be more self-interested (oneself or one’s life partner).
January 13, 2022 |
Among the forms or manifestations of leadership is the concept of strengths based leadership, which entails the identification and subsequent cultivation of followers’ strengths. We can expect the greatest performance from workers when there is an alignment between their strengths and the tasks assigned to them.
January 06, 2022 |
Accomplishing tasks at work as a team can be tough, and it becomes unnecessarily so if team dysfunction is present. Yet broken teams are not necessarily easy to diagnose.  If the team is fractured in some way, how do you address the problem?  
December 22, 2021 |
We wish you all happy holidays and a joyous new year. We hope you enjoy your time as the year winds down and we prepare for the next.
December 17, 2021 |
When people think about how to improve team effectiveness, should the focus be on improving team performance or on improving effectiveness? What is the difference between, say, group effectiveness and team efficiency? Just because a team performs, does not necissarily mean it's performing well. So how well must a team perform to be considered effective? 
November 18, 2021 |
While culture makes up a variety of factors, the end impact is a healthy environment for your employees to do their best work. In a dysfunctional workplace, your culture will prevent your employees from succeeding instead of enabling them.
November 08, 2021 |
In many aspects of our lives, we rely on those in positions of power to lead us. The role of leaders becomes especially salient in times of uncertainty. Throughout your life, you’ve probably seen several ways leaders can respond to challenging and ambiguous situations. A transformational leader can see the opportunities in turmoil and inspire people to follow them to a better future. On the other hand, an incompetent leader will leave you to deal with everything alone. In the worst-case scenari...
October 26, 2021 |
Once relegated to the philosophy domain, character has recently become a common topic in psychology, business, and world events. However, the way character is typically discussed reflects more of a “know it when I see it” approach than a shared understanding of its implications.
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