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Drive team innovation and generativity

The Team Agility Predictor is a team effectiveness assessment that gives a holistic measure that tells you how your team is performing on these character strengths. Understanding where your team is now and how it can improve is the first step toward generativity. 


Team Assessment: The Team Agility Predictor

Team success depends on more than just the traits of its individual constituents.  Interactions between team members can enhance or damage team effectiveness, and the typical pattern of these interactions defines the team’s climate.  Our Team Agility Predictor goes beyond individuals, allowing you to measure your team climate and learn how to improve team effectiveness. In so doing, you are provided a metric for how people are working together in addition to suggestions for how to enhance your team’s generativity.

Character science indicates that people are at their best when they are utilizing their own well-developed character strengths. The Tilt Framework describes 12 core character strengths (these 12 strengths are the words in the blue ring on the Tilt model above) that will lead to positive influence and generativity.

  • 01. Invite

    To assess team agility, a Team Leader completes the assessment and then invites team members and other stakeholders to provide their perspective feedback .  The gathered data will indicate how well team members are working together.

  • 02. Focus

    Even a collection of the brightest and most creative people will fail if they can’t work together in an effective manner.  Research has shown that communication, cohesion, and a shared concern for excellence are fundamental to team innovation. 

    Thus, a team’s ability to be productive and work creatively depends on a healthy team climate that is not only psychologically safe but also conducive to openly sharing ideas.  Focusing on character is crucial to developing such a team climate.

  • 03. Grow

    Interactive workshops allow you to take your team performance evaluation to the next level.  Connect with a network of over 600 master practitioners who enable you to focus on what your team currently needs for growth.

Is your team achieving its highest potential?

Teams focused on innovation behave differently than teams focused on collaboration, alignment, or execution. Yet high-performing teams must excel at all of these things at different points in time and in different contexts. This is where Intentional Tilting as a team becomes a key differentiator for your team’s performance and reaching a high potential. Our team performance assessments can help teams understand how to Tilt intentionally to their current task. When a team or group is agile at Tilting intentionally, everyone consciously pivots their behavior to suit the current context. Agile teams thrive in even the most challenging situations.

Tilt's team effectiveness assessment tool distinguishes between team climate and company culture. Team climate can change rapidly as leaders and influential team members come and go. In contrast, company culture changes less easily. Unacknowledged norms of an existing culture may hinder innovation over time if there isn't enough psychological safety for risk-taking. The good news is that developing an agile team climate in critical mass with key influencer teams can transform company culture, driving competitive relevance and continuous improvement over time.

Tools to measure personality are all better described as “assessments,” even though the more commonly used term is probably “tests.” Tests are designed to quantify a level of knowledge or skills, so there are correct answers. There is no such thing as a correct personality, so there can’t be a “test” of it. There are some traits and strengths that can lead to benefits in certain situations, which is why many personality assessments are used, but there is not an ideal personality that is always best. So rather than seeing if respondents pick the correct answer, the goal of personality assessments is to most accurately assess people’s natural tendencies for interpreting and interacting with the world and provide insights.

The short answer is no. We do not recommend using Tilt for hiring as it is a developmental tool as opposed to a selection tool. A True Tilt is a set of natural preferences of your genetic personality pattern that only shows where people begin, not all of who they are now. We recommend hiring for balance on all 12 character strengths first and then afterwards knowing someone's True Tilt can be useful for possible role fit, career development, etc. but the overall intention is for participants to be able to develop agility for all four of the Tilt patterns.

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Strengths based personality assessments

True Tilt Personality Profile
$49 / user

A wicked fast personal strengths assessment with modern, relevant language to discover your most natural character strengths. The Tilt visual framework makes it easy to remember and apply.

  • Strengths Based Personality Assessment
  • Actionable Development Plan
  •  Retakes When You Change
  •  E-Learning Module (Upgrade)
Positive Influence Predictor
$199 / user 

Annual subscription. Gather ongoing feedback on how well you use 12 key character strengths. This character-based strengths assessment tool gives you the feedback to be more agile and generative. 

  •  Personal Strengths Assessment
  •  Repeatable 360 Feedback 
  • Grow Your Character Strengths 
  • Uncover Blind Spots and Hidden Strengths

Most Popular!

Team Agility Predictor

$399 / team 

Annual subscription. A team assessment that gives a wholistic measure that tells you how your team is performing on 12 core character strengths. Understanding where your team is now and how it can improve is the first step toward generatively. 

  • Team Strengths Assessment
  • Repeatable 360 Team Feedback
  •  Improve Generatively Through Character Strengths
  •  Measure Team Culture

Additional Team Resources

Team Climate Profile

The Team Climate Profile (TCP) is a composite report that helps you understand your team's personality patterns and how team members change under stress.  This, in turn, helps you identify and minimize ego-drama and conflict while augmenting innovation. As members are added or removed, the report updates in real-time. You can access your TCP anytime from your team dashboard to view these changes.

The TCP is included at no extra charge with all Team entry purchases!

Strategy Workshops for Team Agility

Virtual, online and on-site team strategy workshops accelerate the cultivation of team agility and feature a network of over 600 coaches certified in the Tilt Framework. Our certified coaches use Tilt's team agility assessments to create a program to unlock the full potential of your business.

It was well received by the team and is the beginning of good things to come for development and success as a company... In my opinion, investing in Tilt for our team is one of the best decisions the company has made"

-Savannah More, Operations,


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Team climate has been defined in several ways. Tilt describes it as “The shared beliefs team members have about the meaning behind procedures and behaviors.” What team members believe about behaviors is important because it sets the stage for how they interact with each other. Identical behaviors can be interpreted in many ways. For example, disagreeing with the team leader’s opinion can be viewed as a genuine attempt to make an idea better, as trying to undermine the leader’s authority, as the effects of a personal dispute between the two people, or as the typical way that particularly confrontational person behaves. It is important to “profile” this information because it shows everyone the natural tendencies of individual team members and the general proclivities of the team as a whole. Understanding how people are likely to interpret information can prevent unnecessary conflicts, issues, and miscommunication.

Team assessments (sometimes referred to as “team personality tests”) provide baseline data for why your team functions the way it does. This helps to identify specific new habits that will help you accomplish your most important goals (even when they change). A further benefit of team assessment tools is better management of situational team dynamics, and they can help exponentially increase productivity, creativity, and innovation. An agile team results, leading to positive organizational culture.

We recommend developing all team members so they can behave - or Tilt - as the situation requires. If you “hire for True Tilt,” you’re not addressing the core issue, which is that team members with balance among all of the character strengths will be in the best position to meet the changing needs of your organization.

The Team Climate Profile is not a team performance assessment. Rather, it is a compilation of your individual team members' responses which therefore creates a team personality climate profile.