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Character strengths-based personality assessments give people valuable insights into themselves and others. Understanding personality at work is especially important in collaborative teams because it allows them to understand their own character strengths and develop generative mindsets.

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Strengths-based personality assessments

All include free re-takes for a year to see changes. Optional e-learning modules are available to get the most out of your reports.

True Tilt Personality Profile™
A fast and accurate personality strengths assessment with modern, powerful language to discover your most natural character strengths.
Strengths-Based Personality Assessment
Understand Barriers to Excellence
Uncover Your Path to Your Full Potential
Actionable Development Suggestions for Balance
user / year
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Positive Influence Predictor™
Gather real-time feedback on 12 key character strengths that measure your positive influence on important stakeholders.
Strengths-Based 360-degree Feedback
Identify Over- and Underused Strengths and Traits
Uncover Blind Spots and Hidden Strengths
Understand Your Personal Path to Generativity
user / year
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Team Agility Predictor
A quick team agility monitor that measures 12 important team character strengths.
Strengths-Based 360-degree Feedback for Teams
Identity the Team’s Over- and Underused Strengths
Uncover Team Blind Spots and Hidden Strengths
Understand How to Increase Team Agility
team / year
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True Tilt Personality Profile™

A modern strengths-based personality assessment, based on neuroscience and character science. Provides deep, personalized insights and offers suggestions to help you grow. Helps you understand not only what you do, but why you do it. Results are reported in a memorable visual framework - get actionable insights in as little as 5-10 minutes.

Positive Influence Predictor™

This 360-feedback assessment helps you grow your character strengths and personal agility. Observer feedback is collected in real-time in a variety of contexts and enables you to see your positive influence grow over time.

Team Climate Profile Report

A composite report a composite report that helps you understand your team's personality patterns and how they change under stress,  helping you identify and minimize ego-drama and increase innovation. The report updates in real time as members are added or removed.
Included at no extra charge with the purchase of True Tilt Personality Profiles for the team.

Team Agility Predictor

Team assessment that gives a holistic measure how your team is performing on 12 character strengths. Understanding where your team is now and how it can improve is the first step toward generativity.

E-Learn Modules

Start showing up better today with interactive e-learning modules for our assessments to learn how to best set up the assessments, understand your reports at a deeper level and get support in identifying growth opportunities.

Suite of Assessments Certification

Get certified on our suite of assessment tools! Tilt's tools are unlike any other assessment, and they go way beyond other assessments with specific, actionable growth plans. Tilt assessments for individuals and teams describe what people do, why they do it, and help them learn how to change for the better. The framework and approach are easy to remember and apply that clients see results fast, so they’re motivated to keep growing. Сertification are approved for International Coach Federation CCE Credits.

What are people saying about our strengths assessments?

Hear success stories on how executives, coaches, trainers, facilitators and team leaders use the Tilt strengths assessment tools and all-in-one platform to grow a generative work culture.

Sarah Larson
Sarah Larson-Head of Global Talent Management & Development at Atlassian

I love that Tilt helps us become conscious of what’s going on around us (the stress) and what it triggers inside of us (the fears) – as well as those things for our teammates. When companies, and teams, learn how they tilt, and overtilt under stress, incredible things happen - we become more bold and fearless and foster the conditions for innovation and creativity to prosper. We're hooked here at Atlassian!

Stuart Crabb
Stuart Crabb-Former Global Head of Learning at Facebook

Facebook was seeking a tool that would help reinforce this thinking, enabling leaders to have a positive and balanced perspective on their impact... TILT was the only tool of its kind in the marketplace that truly addressed these criteria, and it became the preferred tool for all our coaching engagements across the organization.

Frank Calderoni
Frank Calderoni-Chief Executive Officer at Anaplan

I have found that Tilt really gets to the heart of what makes people tick and can be a very helpful tool for shaping team culture. And at Anaplan, we have definitely taken it to a whole new level... What I appreciate about Tilt is that every person has all four personality types, we just tend to lean toward one or two more than the rest.

DeLisa Alexander
DeLisa Alexander-Former executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Red Hat

It’s essential to have mechanisms like Tilt that enable associates to provide actionable feedback and foster self-awareness of how each of us “shows up” to our colleagues. Tilt has also been a valuable addition to our toolkit for diversity and inclusion...

Can personality change?

YES, despite the common belief that “personality is who you are,” researchers have long known that personality can shift naturally as people age or more dramatically with impactful life experiences. Newer neuroscience findings suggest that people can intentionally change their personality. How liberating!


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The short answer is no. We do not recommend using Tilt for hiring as it is a developmental tool as opposed to a selection tool. A True Tilt is a set of natural preferences of your genetic personality pattern that only shows where people begin, not all of who they are now. We recommend hiring for balance on all 12 character strengths first and then afterwards knowing someone's True Tilt can be useful for possible role fit, potential career growth, etc. but the overall intention is for participants to be able to develop agility for all four of the Tilt patterns.

There are many terms for strengths assessment tools: personality strengths test, personal strengths quiz, or character strengths test - but be careful since not every personal strengths test is created equal. This blog dives into information on how to best take a personality strengths test, but the question itself may be guiding you in the wrong direction. Most personality strengths tests and character strengths tests are actually better described as “assessments.” The main purpose of a “test” is to evaluate knowledge or skills, so some answers are “correct” and some are “incorrect.” The goal of assessments is to describe characteristics that can’t be measured directly, like loyalty or freedom. For personality-based strengths assessments or character assessments, the goal is to provide the most accurate description of the person taking it. This means that the only “right” answers are the answers that truly reflect who you are.

The Tilt 365 model is scientifically validated to measure what it says it measures. If you are interested in more details about the psychometric evidence for the True Tilt Personality Profile, you can request our technical reports here. Further, our research indicates that using Tilt to develop ourselves and our teams can lead to positive changes such as creating a climate for creativity and innovation.

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