Creating a better world with character strengths.

Our mission is to educate leaders and teams about the importance of character strengths as the primary driver to accelerate ethical innovation. We believe that practicing character growth is the only way to improve or solve the most complex problems of our time.

Our team

Pam Boney
Pam Boney

Founder and Chairperson

Dan Boney
Dan Boney

Co-Founder and Operations

Sean Cruise
Sean Cruise

Chief Executive Officer

Erika Peter
Erika Peter

Chief Learning Officer

Don Bora
Don Bora

Chief Technology Officer

Bob Ostrom
Bob Ostrom

Creative Director

Katherine Gilliland
Katherine Gilliland

Enterprise Solutions Partner

Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis

Enterprise Solutions Partner

Carol Keith
Carol Keith

Master Agility Coach

Amanda Valone
Amanda Valone

PhD, Science Advisor

Our key principles and values

Tilt 365 Manifesto

Leaders who are self-serving and operate from a fear-based, rigid mindset offer a precarious future. Unlocking the power of well-rounded character strengths and a growth mindset is the key to conquering the complex challenges of our era. We at Tilt 365 have devoted our entire efforts to this purpose.

Be Kind, Wise, Bold, Unique, Real

Our story

  • 2021

    Tilt Academy for Laser Coaching

    Tilt is approved by ICF and SHRM for credentialing.

  • 2020

    Over 100,000 users

    Tilt team transforms it’s solutions for a virtual world.

  • 2019

    Go to market

    Science is matured and go to market launch planned for 2020.

  • 2018

    Tilt Presence

    Tilt Presence Be the Calm in The Storm is published.

  • 2017

    Industry recognition

    Top 20 Assessment and evaluation by Training Industry.

  • 2015

    A new team strategy

    Transitions from focus on coaching to enterprise teams.

  • 2014

    More lessons in startup land

    Expanding too quickly requires some necessary adjustments.

  • 2013

    An angel comes

    Tilt accepts its first round of angel funding.

  • 2010

    Redhat and Facebook choose Tilt

    Tilt is selected as the preferred assessment provider.

  • 2009

    True Tilt An Uncommon Quest

    Pam’s first book about leaders rising out of crisis is published.

Our advisors

David Gardner

Founder, Managing Partner, Cofounders Capital

Richard Kristoff

COO, TriHelix Investments

Steven Toaddy

PhD, Science Advisor

Amanda Valone

Former COO, Tilt 365

Bob Stevenson

CEO, Flock

Jamie Kite

Remote Engineering Leader, Calm

Justin Gehtland

Senior Director of Engineering, Nubank

Doug Stevenson

CEO, Quintesse

John Crichton

Former CTO, Tilt 365

Michelle Gale

Chief of Staff, Autodesk

Johdie Grieve

Former CLO, Tilt 365