Guide your teams on a journey to mastering their character agility in order to achieve more successful outcomes.

Tilt provides Certifications that are good for business.  Whether you are an independent coach or consultant, or a human resources leader focused on development, the Tilt 365 Certifications are good for your business.

Tilt 365's suite of solutions don't just provide "type" labels. They give individuals and teams a path that starts with awareness and extends to actionable steps to enhancing their character agility for success.

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True Tilt Personality Profile Certification


Explore the four True Tilt personality patterns in depth, including why we do what we do. Discover the potential within each of us for using any of the Tilt patterns as needed and why personality is only where we begin - character development is the way to greater personal and professional agility, creativity and innovation. Help individuals accelerate the best version of themselves with a memorable, easy-to-use process for developing greater internal balance on an ongoing basis - especially in stressful situations. On-line test afterward.


Why it's important to you

The Science of Character has provided solid evidence that companies led by leaders with strong character out-perform companies led by leaders with weak character. (1) And in top companies, everyone contributes to company culture and team climate. (2) So it’s important for everyone to bring the best version of themselves to work. (And don’t the people in our personal lives deserve our best selves, too?)

  • 1. Keil, Return on Character
  • 2. Teach beacon. Ian Gotts: Lessons from agile: Happier teams are more productive, so spread the cheer

How it will help you

After you have completed True Tilt Personality Profile certification, you should be able to help individuals:
* Recognize the four Tilt patterns, what drives them, and how this may impact the ways they show up
* Understand their True Tilt Profile reports and implications
* Discover the potential for all four Tilt patterns within themselves
* Identify initial and ongoing ways to develop personal agility holistically – to Tilt to context intentionally


Tilt Positive Influence Predictor Certification


Explore what drives most interpersonal conflict and how developing character strength can help individuals and intact teams improve working relationships for greater effectiveness through positive influence. This course features an easy and sustainable process for developing greater greater positive influence by increasing character strength and agility, one powerful trait at a time. On-line test afterward.


Why it's important to you

Sometimes, even individuals and teams with great talent need help improving performance because competencies and resources aren’t what’s holding them back - unconscious and reactive interpersonal dynamics are. Developing awareness of our unconscious reactions and what drives them, followed up with actionable plans for increasing positive influence and interpersonal agility helps individuals, teams, and organizations increase their productivity, creativity, and innovation exponentially.

How it will help you

After you have completed Positive Influence Predictor certification, you should be able to help individuals and teams:
* Recognize what drives our interactions with others
* Understand their Positive Influence Predictor reports and implications
* Start developing strategies for dealing with conflict and working with colleagues more productively
* Develop traits that increase positive influence


Tilt Team Agility Certification


Get certified in tool that allows you to easily identify and guide teams in understanding  the balance of polarities necessary for ongoing team agility and gettings back into flow. Uncover the unconscious habits among team members and between teams and their leaders that may be keeping the team from reaching its true potential. And finally, learn how to develop a customized plan to keep the team focused on what to start, stop, and keep doing for high-performance and agility. On-line test afterward.


Why it's important to you

Agility is a top priority for team leaders and top executives because it enables their organizations to compete effectively in this era of constant digital disruption. Agile teams can adapt to current trends, business needs, and complex dynamics while accelerating productivity, creativity, and innovation. Agile team climates also improve resilience and employee morale, which are key to retaining talent. 

How it will help you

After you have completed the Team Agility Predictor certification, you should be able to help teams:
* Identify their current assumptions and why they work the way they do
* Use selected Tilt patterns of team Agility to develop more effective and productive ways of working together toward goals
* Quickly coach themselves, as a team, back to Agility and flow
* Build a plan for their development opportunities


Frequently Asked Questions

The online assessment certification courses are designed for professional coaches, trainers, consultants, or human resource professionals working in human development. Some of the courses are also appropriate for leaders who are interested in learning more about development. Contact an expert to discuss your options at

Tilt 365 offers live, highly interactive and experiential virtual courses for the assessment tool certifications. The weekly sessions, combined with individual self-study and practice, prepare you to complete certification.

The approach for Master Facilitator certification involves pre-workshop preparation and an immersive, multi-day, face-to-face workshop to learn how to use the workshop materials. Following the workshop, candidates observe a Master Facilitator leading a workshop with clients, co-teach a workshop with their mentor, and finally teach their own workshop with the support and feedback from the Master Facilitator.

The sooner the better. In fact, we give you a free assessment each in the TTP and Tilt 365 tool classes so that you get practice as part of the certification. We believe that the best way to get confident at debriefing reports is to dive right in and do them! There is no substitute for practice and as soon as you have done 2-3 of them, you will begin to feel confident in the power of the diagnostics to validate what you already know about your client’s story. The primary benefit to using our tools is to create a rich and lively dialogue with clients about their behavior and influence styles.

This workshop helps teams build trust and understand how to resolve conflict quickly, so everyone can get back to being productive and agile. It takes a deeper dive into the Tilt Framework and concepts, including Transactional Analysis, the science that will help your team understand why conflict happens and what to do about it. This workshop is particularly helpful during the storming phase of a team’s development. It can also help calm fears when teams are in transition and reacting from stress.

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