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Tilt Strategies - For Team Agility

The purpose of our workshops is to deepen learning about agile methods that can increase the velocity of productivity, creativity and innovation for any team.

Prerequisite: Tilt Presence Workshop


Leaders and team members of any intact, cross-functional or self-managed team.  


The Team Climate Profile and the Tilt 365 Team Agility Predictor combine to provide a holistic view of the Tilting patterns of team interaction likely under stress, as well as the path for development that can shore up blind spots and maxmize strengths that amplify the velocity of productivity, creativity and innovation. 


  • Increase velocity of productivity, creativity and innovation exponentially. 
  • Improved relationships, reduced silos, and faster conflict management.
  • Identified habits that drive and accelerate team performance.
  • A framework and common language for real talk and courageous action among team members.


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  2. We work with you to determine your goals
  3. We will assign you a Tilt Master Consultant to plan your workshop


Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this workshop is to help intact, cross-functional, or matrixed teams use a selected Tilt pattern of team Agility to develop more effective and productive ways of working together toward a goal. The team learns how to evaluate their current norms, including what’s working and not working for them, and how to coach themselves, as a team, back to Agility. Teams also build a plan for their development opportunities to strengthen their agilities and achieve ongoing, dynamic results.

This workshop is the third in a series of three workshops designed for intact teams, cross-functional teams or matrixed teams that depend on one another to achieve mutually beneficial goals. However, it can also be the first workshop conducted with an intact team that is planning to go through rapid transition, begin a new initiative or focus on a specific outcome.

We have a suite of team assessments that can be deployed with intact teams to analyze their team climate (Tilt Team Climate Profile) and team agility (Tilt 365 Team Agility Predictor). A before and after survey is used to assess changes in the team’s potential (Team Potential Indicator). Your Tilt 365 Master Team Consultant will work with the team leader or sponsor to determine the appropriate tools and experiences to help your team best achieve the results they need.

This workshop is designed for intact or matrixed teams who have important objectives, initiatives or performance that must be achieved in the next 6 months to a year. Your Tilt 365 consultant will work with the team leader to clarify goals, discuss team interaction issues and use the holistic Tilt framework (based on the agile method) to ensure that the vision, metrics, plan and key stakeholder feedback loops are in place to ensure success on key objectives. We will use the assessment results and live experiences to surface hidden or unconscious habits that are keeping the team in status quo or stress. Once isolated, the team will agree to specific new habits that ensure success in one of four specific outcomes (collaboration, alignment, innovation or execution) that will be chosen by the team leader, coach, and team for the next sprint period. The leader and team will leave with a clear plan and exciting new commitments to spur the team into action.