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Tilt Presence - For Internal Agility

The purpose of our workshops is to deepen your understanding of your natural patterns, the reasons for them, and how they impact others.


Tilt Presence is our introductory workshop and is suitable for everyone! It is especially powerful when used with an intact, cross-functional or self-managed team, but individuals can gain powerful self-awareness on their own.


The True Tilt Profile assessment provides a holistic view of people's natural tendencies. It describes patterns of interaction, behaviors likely under stress, as well as the path for development that maximize strengths. 


  • Improve self-awareness about stress-triggering behaviors in personality. 
  • Increase internal strength and reduce ego-sensitivities enabling a feedback rich climate. 
  • Provide a framework and language for real talk and courageous action in culture. 
  • Educate team members on how agile methods can improve creative flow. 
  • Increase velocity of productivity, creativity and innovation exponentially.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this workshop is to help people recognize their own patterns of action and reaction, the reasons for them, and how these patterns may impact their lives and work. It goes further than most styles or personality workshops by helping participants find practical ways to strengthen any of the Tilt patterns within themselves - or to “Tilt” to context intentionally.

This is a more nuanced way of thinking about identity. The focus is on self-leadership and how building internal strength in identity can help build strong external presence.

This workshop is the first in a series of three workshops designed for intact teams, cross-functional teams or matrixed teams that depend on one another to achieve mutually beneficial goals. It can also be integrated into leadership or people development programs with people from different teams.

This workshop is effective at any of the stages of team development but is particularly valuable during times of transition, when people need to learn how to build inner strength in a world that is constantly changing. It is also helpful during the Forming stage of team development because it helps teams to get to know one another and build trust with one another.

The assessment that goes with this workshop is the True Tilt Profile. It is a self-assessment that is designed to increase self-awareness about our natural character strengths and how a specific path of development can result in stronger internal agility and the experience of happiness in life and work.

The Tilt Presence workshop is an efficient and fun way to start developing stronger internal character, which has a significant impact on business performance and personal happiness. Teams who complete and follow through with what they learn in this workshop focus more on what’s important and less on conflict, drama, and politics. This workshop makes the development of agility actionable and practical with a process and steps that help leaders and their teams build strong internal presence and the agility necessary to thrive in today’s competitive environment. The playful experiences built into the workshop help people accept themselves, which increases openness to learning.

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